This time last year most of London and the surrounding areas ground to a stand still.. trains stopped running and roads were virtually ¬†impassable. So, when Alex and Nick booked me to shoot their wedding for around about the same time but for the following year, I did think I might have to dig out my snow shoes, round up a few Huskies and wax the runners on the sledge… but thankfully the weather was perfect and I was able to use a quicker form of transport: ¬†The humble motor car.

There were only 18 guests for the ceremony and wedding breakfast, which made it a real close and personal family affair. Later into the evening, another 60 of their close friends arrived to enjoy and share in the rest of the celebrations.

Even though we didn’t go outside to do any photography due to the temperature and lack of any light, with” The Langham” being such a beautiful hotel, there were countless photographic opportunities inside, so finding locations was very easy.

Have a great honeymoon guys! See you when you return.

Surrey Wedding Photographer