As a wedding and portrait photographer in the leafy suburbs of Surrey, I love photographing my engagement shoots in an urban environment and especially enjoy shooting a London engagement photography session when I get the opportunity, which for me this year, has been quite often as a number of my wedding clients have lived in London or just outside.

There are so many wonderful places in London to take your couple for their engagement session, and on this particular occasion I met with Victoria and Wesley on London’s Southbank for their photo shoot.

Blessed with good weather, we started the engagement session just outside the Royal Festival Hall, and then made our way over to the London Eye. Wesley had only an hour before he had to return to work, so because time was short we didn’t venture very far at all.We did the whole session near the Royal Festival Hall. That is the beauty of doing a London engagement shoot, there are so many possible backdrops to put your couple in front of without having to go any distance at all…

Victoria & Wesley were such a lovely couple to photograph, hopefully they had as much fun as I did on the day. Really looking forward to seeing them again and photographing their wedding…..

Here are a few of my favourites from their London Engagement session…..