First Look wedding photographer Northbrook Park Surrey.

I was honoured to be Carly’s and Anton’s Northbrook Park first look wedding photographer for the day. Northbrook Park, located on the Surrey and Hampshire borders is an idyllic venue for a wedding. Set in 120 acres of beautiful countryside, it was the perfect place to shoot their ‘First Look’ wedding. When Carly and Anton first contacted me, their first question was “Have I ever photographed a ‘First Look’ wedding before”. The honest answer was no, but I would love to. For anyone that hasn’t heard the term ‘First Look’, all that it means, is the couple see each other before the ceremony. Its the roll of the photographer to stage their ‘First Look’ in such a way as to capture the full range of  emotions and excitement for the couple. This is very much as you would when the bride first walks down the aisle. I arrived nice and early at Northbrook Park, so I could recce the venue. This gave me the opportunity to find a suitable area to stage their first look, and to get a general feel of the place. With the stage set, it was off to cover the bridal and grooms preparations. This was made very easy as Jasmine chalet and Hyacinth chalet were next to each other and I was able to jump between one room and the next! After the preps were finished I took Anton to the spot I had decided on for their first look, and reminded him not to turn around until he felt a tap on his shoulder. I returned for Carly, who looked amazing in her wedding gown, and led her to her position. I gave the previously arranged signal and she came to embrace her handsome groom. It was such a beautiful private moment between them, I was very privileged to be able to photograph it. After their first look was finished, we then went back into Northbrook Park as we had some time to take a few family formal shots. It was then time for the ceremony which took place in the stunning  Vine room. The ceremony room was lovely and bright  with fabulous light streaming through the windows. Anton was just as excited to see his beautiful bride to be again, this time escorted by her father, coming down the aisle. After the ceremony the champagne reception was warmly welcomed and I was able to take some more shots of the couple alongside the family formals. I usually take this opportunity to capture lots of relaxed informal shots of the guests as the chat and enjoy the day. It always makes my job easier when the families and friends are a lively, friendly bunch and the couples families were a joy to photograph even though it was a very hot day!